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  • ANTI-FATIGUE INSOLES IN THE WORKPLACE. The importance of healthy, comfortable feet is often overlooked by people until they experience some type of foot problems.

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  • BOWLING INSOLES - SPARE YOUR FEET FORM PAIN. Each year more than 50 million people go bowling.  It is the number one participation sport in the United States and the number one sport for family participation   Read more about it


  • JOGGING INSOLES - will be posted FEBRUARY 1 2010
Personal Note 
As a practicing Podiatrist with over 15 years experience in various parts of the world, I have studied all aspects of biomechanics, and the human body as it relates to the lower extremity and the feet.

The postive influence a simple shoe insole can have on a person's overall health and well-being is truly amazing.

In order to share my knowledge and expertise in this field, I have set up this informative website. In addtion to the ask the doctor section, every month I will be posting a new exciting article full of information in relation to insoles and overall foot health.

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